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5-gluon scattering

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    Hey folks,

    you don't happen to know where i can find a list of all possible Feynman diagrams contributing to a 5-gluon-amplitude?

    I am currently working on a comparison of beyond-feynman-graphs-techniques (colour-ordering, BCF, CSW, MHV,...) and old-school calculations using Feynman rules. My specific example is for tree-level 5-gluon scattering but i can't find a list of of possible Feynman diagrams...

    Do you have an idea?

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    Physics Monkey

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    Hmmm, I think you may need to be more specific. If you allow loops, then there are an infinite number of contributing diagrams. Perhaps your question is slightly different from this?
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    i mean only tree-level diagrams i.e. no loops.
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    in the QCD lagrangian u only have 3 and 4 gluon vertex
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    Yes, no one doubts that. But that does not mean that there aren't several ways to connect five gluons via propagators, does it? Never you mind, i solved the problem differently. Thanks.
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    Physics Monkey

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    Hi earth2,

    Sorry, I spoke with some people but couldn't find a place where the diagrams were listed online. Did you find a good source? I think it's not too hard to just draw them all, but there are quite a few.
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