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5 yrs of successive droughts

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    I can't believe that my place has been flooded. After more than 5 yrs of successive droughts etc rain is lashing the city. In some roads the water is upto shoulder level and due to the flooding of rivers the athourities have been forced to open up various channels and thereby flooding the city.

    Fortunately the only few places which havent been flooded is my place.

    I feel so sad that my area hasnt been flooded, the water is just ankle deep.
    That too is not due to rain but due to flooding in other areas, the water travels through the storm water drains and since the drains are blocked, the water gushes out of the drainage and flooding our area.

    But there is a silver lining: my school is in K.K.Nagar where its been flooded of 3 sides, the other side has very little water. The athourities have issued a flood warning to that place and they are probably evacuating that area.
    Today I was to have my Bio pracs exam, that got cancelled (We normally dont work on saturdays but due to heavy rains last week etc a few days the school didnt function so they keep school on Saturdays but most of the saturdays it rains and school is invariably cancelled)

    The rain has stopped and I can see very few clouds now in the night( since its dark I may be mistaken)
    I am hoping it will rain Sunday evening very badly and the specimens in the Bio lab are spoilt and the Physics lab apparatus (especially the young's modulus, parallellogram law of forces apparatus are spoilt) all get destroyed!
    Though it does make me sad to think of the people who will be badly affected if it rains such, i realise that one must sacrifice something to get something else. So I will graciously sacrifice the lives of numerous people living near my school and pray that my school is flooded.:tongue:
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    Yes, the situation is pretty bad here in Chennai. This is due to Cyclone Baaz (Now a tropical depression) which has brought heavy rains to the coast of Tamil Nadu, especially in the Chennai, Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur districts.


    Most of the streets near my house are knee-deep in water, so it is a difficulty travelling.


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    The skies have cleared. Too bad I was hoping it would rain so tomorrow school would be cancelled!
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    Wow, that sounds pretty bad. Isn't Chennai where Gokul went for his wedding too? (He should be hitched by now, right? I hope the rains didn't wash out his wedding. :frown:)

    Chound, that sounds pretty selfish to be wishing for more rain just to avoid school when people are losing their homes! :bugeye:

    I hope any damage was restricted to property and that there hasn't been any loss of life associated with it. Does anyone know?
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    Our street usually has water logging after heavy rains, but relativley not much damage in our side, thankfully. Hope the things reach where it's due.

    Btw, chound, that wasn't a bad joke. That was a sick one, to say the least.
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    Till now, I have not read any reports on loss of life, so that's a good thing. Yesterday about 75000 people were moved to relief centers. The state goverment's response is quite impressive.

    Here is the full story

    http://www.hindu.com/2005/12/05/stories/2005120511410100.htm" [Broken]
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