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50% citric acid solution

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    how can I make a 50% citric acid solution?
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    Assuming a w/v % solution, you would dissolve 50g solid citric acid in 100ml H2O.

    Question should technically go in the HWK section though.
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    No, you should dissolve 50g of citric acid in such an amount of water that final volume is 100 mL. That's not the same. For diluted solutions - like 2 or 4 % w/v difference is small, but in the case of 50% w/v prepared your way you will get solution that will be in reality about 40% w/v.

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    thanks for reponses
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    Thanks Borek
    :redface: What I posted before would not make any sense when I think about it. (If I was making the solution in the lab I would add solid and then add water to the 100ml mark of vol flask) Thus it is not 100ml that I would be adding to make the solution.
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