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50 to 100 years from now

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    What do you think will happen in that span of time? Will we find some wonderful discoveries or will we come across a global war over resources?

    Time to get your eight ball out...
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    Try again later.
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    if I can't read mine anymore (so faded), what kind of an answer is that?
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    I'll probably be dead by then.
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    I'll bet you a million dollars you won't be.
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    100 years from now:

    There is no more war, no more hunger, no more pain and suffering, no enslavement of the poor for the interests of the rich, there is no murder and all the world's jails are empty, no cruel treatment of animals.

    Most of everything is extinct.

    Bacteria and extremophiles rejoice.

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    George Jones

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    In the year 2525 ...
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    Seriously though, what do you see in the painting of what our future may look like? Is it good or bad?

    Would you depict the movie Children of Men as an interesting take on the future? In that in the future, there will be 'green zones'?
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    The future is going to be fine. Global warming will get worse, but before it becomes catastrophic we will buckle down and get it under control. I don't think you could find a generation who didn't think the next generation was going to ruin everything. Humans have a way of adapting, I think things will probably get a little bit tougher for people here in America, but only to the point where we join the rest of the world and quit having it so easy.
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