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500 sky dive jumps

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    Is 500 jumps a lot? I couldn't find any numbers online. Is 500 a lot in a mere 3 years? For someone who just does it as a hobby? She claims she did this in her teens, in the 70's.

    A friend of a friend has tossed this number off casually and I'm having a tough time believing it.
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    Re: skydiving

    That does seem like a lot, even for military people. You have to think, how often would that correspond to? 500/52 weeks is roughly equal to 10 jumps per week.

    From what I could find online (I really want to go skydiving), it's pretty expensive and takes a while to do. It's not like a roller coaster where you go back in line and 5 minutes later you are on the ride again. So 10 jumps a week is really a lot. I call BS. In fact, I think 1 jump a week is already a lot.
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    Re: skydiving

    My father's buddy had jumped more than 700 times when was young. Probably in a span of five years, I'm not sure. He basically lived in a small town located very close to a small airport. So an access to a plane was a ten minute walk. He had alot freinds there so weekend jumps were common. Then later he got married and had to spot jumping for obvious reasons :biggrin:
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    Re: skydiving

    Here's an apparently dated link that touches on cost.

    In the 70's it would certainly have been a lot cheaper than now.

    The adrenaline rush is addictive to some people. It looks like someone could go up 10 times a day if they were so inclined.

    So ... discounting figures of speech even ... it's certainly not impossible.
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    Re: skydiving

    Never knew anyone with 500 jumps...not even on tv or the internets (or maybe I did but I just do not remember). Its not impossible as LowlyPion said...3 years is small but its possible...
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    Re: skydiving


    I realize that these are world records, but 500 really isn't that outrageous.
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    Re: skydiving

    I went skydiving once, tandum. There seriously were people there that jumped and then got back in line to do it again, and again, and again. I was only there for about five hours from the time they opened (long wait for someone who could tandum jump with me being 6'2" and 200+ lbs) and most of the enthusiasts had already jumped four or five times, they were making a day of it. Part of the cost of the jump is for 'rental' of the chute and gear. If you jump on your own you also have to take classes, which means more money. From what I could tell if you own your own gear and chute and are fully certified it is alot less expensive. If you know the pilots and/or have some sort of membership I bet it is even less.

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