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Calculators 50g or 35s

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    I am looking for a good calculator that will last me a long time. I am looking at the 50g or the 35s. I can get both but I would like to know if its worth it to buy both. I have no criteria for school so I am just needing something that lasts a while, and thats why I am looking at the 50g or the 35s I also need someting that can switch between algebraic mode and RPN.
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    Don't have any experience - I keep getting tempted to buy a 50g myself then remember I have several PCs that can do the same thing!

    There are some very good simulators for most HP models http://www.hpcalc.org/hp48/pc/emulators/
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    hmm. That link doesn't seem to have the 50g.... oh well Unless the 49g is just like the 50g. Thanks for trying to help!
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    The emu48+ has a 50g setting.
    There is also an emulator for the Casio Ti89 equivalent
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    Ok thanks for pointing that out. Although I can't choose between the 35s and the 50g with just 50g emulators. lol It would be nice if someone that has experiance with both calcs could share some of their experiances.
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    Well, both calculators are in their own category. The 50g being the graphing calculator and the 35s the scientific. What sort of tasks do you plan on using it for? You probably won't want to waste money for the 50g if you don't plan on using its advanced features/
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    Well, I would use its advanced feturees but i still would like to know some experiances from someone who has both.
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    You don't need to "switch" modes, you can run it as RPN, or algebraic. Though with RPN why would you want to use algebraic?
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    Well just in case, I might want to use algebraic. Just in case.
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    I don't own a 50g but I do have a 35s, a 48gx, a 32s II, and an 11c. I started with the 11c in 1984 and have acquired the others along the way.

    I have used the 48gx the most of them all. The 35s is my most recent. My favorite is the 48gx. This is not due to the many advanced features (that I rarely use) but due to the way the stack operates and that I can see four levels of the stack at once. I have also used the unit abilities quite a lot.

    I bought the 35s because it is a return to what HP calculators used to be and because it has a two line display. However, the stack works the same as on my 11c and 32s II (i.e. entering a value places that value in two registers initially).

    The 35s is a quality instrument.

    If it was me and I could afford the 50g, I would buy it. However, I'd keep something like the 32s II / 35s around for exams that ban the 48/49/50 series.

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    ahh ok.
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    I am actually going to get it off the offical HP website because I want to be able to complain to someone if I get a defective product lol.
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    The calc will be supported by HP even if you buy it new from another retailer.

    If you want to know more more try the comp.sys.hp48 group
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