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555 timer

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    Can 555 timer be use to make a circuit that outputs "high" for 10 when a momentary switch is pressed and released? How?

    Is there an easy 555 timer tutorial?
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    Yes, use the 555 timer in a monostable configuration.

    All ICs have "tutorials" called datasheets. Here's one from Fairchild that should contain all the info you need:

    http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/LM%2FLM555.pdf [Broken]

    - Warren
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    Data Sheets


    If I'm remembering correctly, once you said you worked for National Semiconductor? Anyway, after reading your post, I went over to my reference book shelf and pulled out an old National data sheet with lots of applications when they first introduced the LM324 quad op amp. I used that little booklet many, many times while designing analog circuits back in those days.

    I don't think semiconductor manufactures hand out data/application books for free like they use to.

    Have you every used these op amps before?

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    Sure they do. To get the books just call a company rep. I've gotten the manuals for the 12 and 16 series PICs from microchip as well as many pubs from vishay, fairchild, dallas(maxim), Atmel... Also just go to the corporate web sites and you'll find all of the data sheets in PDF format. I've not encountered an electronic component that I couldn't get a detailed data sheet for. Most manufactures offer slim data sheets for indiviadual components and much more detailed data sheets for families of components. If you call a rep they will encourage you to download the PDF's because there are times when the electronic file is more up-to-date then what the rep will have on hand but if you ask they will usually send you what they have.
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