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589.3nm +/- 0.3nm Absorption Lasing Medium?

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    Does anyone know of a lasing medium (perferably something that can be doped into an optical fiber, but a liquid or gas would work if not) that has a strong absorption at 589.0nm and 589.6nm?

    Rationale: I'm trying to build a relatively cheap high powered (~300W-400W CW) LASER for DMLS, but diode-pumped Nd:Yag run about $10k for that price and fiber-coupled pump diodes are about $300/8W. Doped fiber is about $25 - $150 per meter and low-pressure Sodium-vapor lamps are both realtively cheap and highly efficient so I'd like to just mill an Aluminium optical cavity, have it Silver-plated with the doped fiber wound around the interior and a Sodium-vapor lamp inside (probably with water-cooling along the outside walls of the optical cavity) and a Bragg grating spliced onto one end of the fiber. Output wavelength isn't too big of a concern, but I'd like to keep it under 1.5um if possible.
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