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5th Dimension Reality

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    I am still learning of Kaluza-Klein theory. Is KK theory applying to quantum mechanics? How quantum non-locality can be represented by KK theory?
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    Wikipedia has an introductory article on Kaluza Klein theory that may be of interest:


    One thing to be aware of is that this is a very deep theory and there may not be anyone here who can properly or adequately comment on it let alone answer your questions.

    What is your interest in KK theory and what level of schooling do you have so far?
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    Before I read this I was just thinking about this a couple days ago... hmm.
    Simply brilliant!
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    Must be some mathematical representation of entanglement reality in extra dimensions, but from non-local phenomena seems Universe was created from one common extra dimensional point so it stays forever for any point in our Universe! My mathematical knowledge from University is not so strong to develop Kalusa-Klein formulas currently therefore I am using mine deductive reasoning imagination.
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    I'm starting with the assumption that the 5th dimension is infinite universes like MWI.
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    Actually in KK its curled up in a circle and this enforces the so called cylinder assumption which is the real basis of why KK works:

    The cylinder assumption is the geometry of a circle ie U(1) symmetry which is in fact the basis EM - so in a sense its EM in EM out. Once this was understood it lost much of its appeal and is pretty backwater these days.

    Regarding locality it's quantisation would be a QFT and locality in that depends on the so called Cluster Decomposition property:

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    Thanks Bhoppa, it seems now we can close the thread.
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