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6 legged frog in china

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    saw it on the news today...
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    You should head to the nearest Ripleys Believe it or Not museums.
    5 to 8 legged calfs
    two headed newts
    multi-head-legged frogs
    siamese turtle
    doe with antlers

    somewhat disturbing photos of people with:
    3 hands, 2 mouths, misplaced ears and things too bazaar to mention here.

    Most of these are not genetic, odds are the 6 legged frog may not produce 6 legged off spring. Birth defects happen in all living things.
    Odd genetic defects are rare, but some such as dental deformities are common.
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    Well, by the way I would like to ask people here this, I think biotechnology has developed so far that sure it can help us create our own animals, for instance frogs, like what if we plan to create frogs with more than 8 legs. They are not 'pure' animals anymore, although I think they can get themselves well fitted with our surroundings soon but how long do you think will they be able to cope with our environment ? Is this just hard to explain or clearly state ?

    A species with such mutation as far as I see doesn't cause any harm to the environment and to themselves either. So what do you think ?
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    Richard Dawkin's book "Climbing Mount Improbable" has a neat/disturbing photo of a frog with eyes in its mouth instead of atop its head (example of a macro-mutation). Couldn't find a photo on the 'net to share with y'all.
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    Yeah, I think that'd be doable. You can, for example, move imaginal discs from flies around and get ectopic development of whatever structure you like.

    But why would you? What sort of application are you imagining? A new pet?
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    Hi All,

    I have just seen those kind of mutation on Discovery Channel.
    Some parasites larva of the frog disturb the normal growth of tadpoles to create those monsters which are then more easy to catch/eaten by metamorphed larva.
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    Please be straight on what I am trying to ask for, not on what I am trying to imagine, what is going to be any different if it is an application or not an application.
    So, your deas on how that could be accomplished are ?
    If possible, tell me how you can do tat in lab, what genes do you think should be turned on or off ?
    Thanks a lot if you could offer me some help. :wink:

    [By the way, I don't think all of the people in biology understand about virtual disks of computer, if you can, please mention information related to biology in a correct way. Metaphor or not, your choice, as what you like!:wink:]
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    She was being straight with you. When she is talking about "imaginal disks" she's talking about specific structures in the developing fly with that name, not imaginary computer disks, or whatever it was you thought she said. :smile:
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