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6 PIN DPDT Switch

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    hello friends,

    I am looking for a 6 Pin DPDT switch to which DC voltage will be given as input

    My input DC voltage range is from 80V ~ 150V and dc current is less than 5A.

    When i searched the internet i could only find DPDT switches with following ratings

    125VAC/3A and 250V/2A
    125VAC, 30VDC, 4A

    i am not able to find any DPDT switch with more that 30VDC as rated voltage (even though the current rating is within my working limit).

    Can you suggest me some DPDT switches meeting my requirement or is it safe to to use the available DPDT switch with low DC voltage rating.

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    There are lots. TE connectivity part number 1393809-1 is an example (www.te.com).
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    The voltage and current you are operating at is a difficult area. At these DC voltages and currents the contacts tend to arc.
    You might check out Kilovac relays.
    You might also investigate solid state relays. Crydom has a relay rated at 160 Amp DC and 150 volt.
    If you are able to operate the switch at no voltage. (Switch with power removed) There should not be a problem.
    If you are only closing the contcts (And not opening them) when voltage is applied, then there should not be a problem.
    Good Luck
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