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600 DC to 120 DC

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    Need Help been trying to find a way to run 5 compact flourecent bulbs in same circuit which is 600 DC but when i plug in, either 1 bulb works or no bulbs work or they pop. I need something to make this 600 DC, 120 DC, I know their are expensive alternatives but we are looking for a cheap simple approach because we make thousands of these things and the only reason we are switching to the new compact flourecent bulb is to be energy efficient any help would be great if you are in need of a picture of our circuit ask and i will post
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    You need to find your own local engineering help, not try to figure out how to McGiver something up from advice on a web forum. You sound like you're pretty close to hurting yourself and/or starting a fire all on your own, and we will not help you get hurt.

    Thread locked.
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