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64 bit MS Security Essential.

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    I just got my Win 7 64 bits computer. I went to Microsoft site to download the Security Essential. But when I tried to install the program, it said it's for a 32 bit computer and I need to get the 64 bit one. I went on MS site and looked all over, typed in "64 bit Security Essential". But I kept getting back the same 32 bit program. What did I missed? Anyone can give me a link to the right program?

    My computer is an HP with 4th generation I-5 processor.

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    When I tried the first link, the download biutton gave me a choice of files with amd64 and x86 in the names. I guess the amd64 is 64 bit and x86 is 32 bit.

    What web browser are you using? Some Microsoft web pages query what operating system and version (32/64 bit) you are running and alter the content of the page to match, but some non-Microsoft browsers give the OS information information incorrectly. (Actually, even some MS browsers give the information in a confusing but correct way, but you would hope MS knows how to deal with that!)

    If you were were using Firefox, Chrome, etc, try again using Internet Explorer.
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    Thanks for the reply. Isn't the AMD64 for AMD chipset?

    Yes, I use Firefox. I'll try using Internet Explorer.

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    intel64 and amd64 are the same thing:
    Prior to launch, "x86-64" and "x86_64" were used to refer to the instruction set. Upon release, AMD named it AMD64.[3] Intel initially used the names IA-32e and EM64T before finally settling on Intel 64 for their implementation. Some in the industry, including Apple,[4][5][6] use x86-64 and x86_64, while others, notably Sun Microsystems[7] (now Oracle Corporation) and Microsoft,[8] use x64 while the BSD family of OSs and several Linux distributions[9][10] use AMD64.
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    Thanks, the AMD64 installed successfully. I did not know as I read AMD and think it's for AMD.
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