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hello all of u...
i just wonder which is a better mobile to buy .... nokia 6630 or nokia 6680 ??
6680 is about $160 more expensive ...
why do u think 6630/6680 is better ?
any help will be gr8ly appreciated ...
cheers :smile:


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The higher number
any other suggestion ?
are there any special offers in the us regarding those mobiles costs ?
another question ... wut about the mobile phone lines ...wut is the best way to get one.. are there many companies and wut is the best one ... i will be studyin in the us in september and i wanna have an idea about those issues .... is better to buy a mobile from my country (arabian gulf) or wait till i come to the us ?



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Oh wait, we're talking about cell phones here? I thought we were talken about laptops lol


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You can't really go by phone. You really need to pick a provider first. Once you find a provider that you think has the best price for you then you can pick from the phones they have. I find the Verizon Wireless has both the best plans, coverage and phones on the market. If you want a phone that is not provided by your wireless provider then you're going to have to unlock the phone to accept the chip that the provider uses.

All wireless providers subsidize the cost of phones. You can get a very full feature phone nowadays for $99 with a wireless plan. If you go out and actually get the phone it could easily cost you $200 dollars.

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