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6th Aruban PF conference

  1. Feb 23, 2011 #1
    Greg has asked me to decide where the 6th Aruban PF conference would be held and I concluded that Aruba would be just the place. I haven't completed the schedule yet, but here is a partial one.

    3/26 - morning checkin, head for the beach.
    3/27 - beach
    3/28 - beach
    3/29 - beach
    3/30 - beach
    3/31 - beach
    4/1 - beach
    4/2 - morning - 1:00 beach
    4/2 - 1:00 - 2:00 unscheduled (I'm open for ideas, so far I have 15 suggestions for beach, and one idiot who said he wanted to discuss "The Chemical History of a Suntan". There's a workaholic in every group. I will try to accommodate this if I can, but there isn't much slack in the schedule. I recommend that people do as much research on it as possible beforehand in case the discussion actually takes place.)
    4/2 - 2:00 - evening beach
    4/3 - beach, checkout.

    I have rented an extra room that accomodates two, but now there is no one going to use it so it will go empty.
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    I could live with "The Chemical History of a Suntan" provided it's accompanied by some physical experimentation on the beach. Obviously, since this will be the 8th day on the beach, any meaningful experimentation will have to take place on a nude beach.

    Just to be thorough, this should be accompanied by "The Chemical History of a Moontan", complete with physical experimentation on a nude beach from 11:00 PM 4/3 to 4:00 AM 4/4.

    Why rent rooms? Can't we just sleep on the beach?
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    If it's illegal to sleep on the beach in Aruba then there's the crime wave of the century going on there.
  5. Feb 23, 2011 #4
    damnit jimmy how many times do I have to remind you! 3/30 is all day massage! :biggrin:
  6. Feb 23, 2011 #5
    I am so ready for this, I need sun /beach badly!
  7. Feb 23, 2011 #6
    I have a house in Tierra Del Sol :smile:.
    I've been there many times and can help with the different restaurants and interesting places to go, the island is awesome!
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    Too loaded for me. Can't we at least add 15 minutes snorkeling breaks every two hours?
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    What the heck. No beer time?
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    I'll be at the Marriott Surf Club about a mile and a half from Tierra Del Sol. The whole island is only 5 by 20 miles, so that's like Boston to DC in dog years. However, over there it's a pleasant walk along the beach. This will be my 6th trip to Aruba. If you happen to notice the scratch marks on the airport tarmac, those are the indentations made by my fingernails when they dragged me to the plane the previous 5 times. For restaurants, we like The Old Fisherman, but their prices have gone up dramatically since we first ate there. For interesting places, I like the natural bridge more now that it isn't a bridge any more.
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    Yea, there is a smaller one that has formed though. I enjoyed the jeep tour (it's rather bumpy) partly because we went to a secluded beach that was almost untouched, the water was beautiful and I didn't want to leave.

    Many restaurants I enjoy include:

    - Casa Tua (The one near the high-rises not De Palm Plaza)
    - Madame Jannette's
    - The Flying Fishbone (it's on the beach so you can eat as the sun "falls" over the horizon)

    There are many more that I can't think of.

    Another thing I did 2 visits ago was wind surfing. It was awesome! It's tricky at first but it usually only takes a day to stay up with stability. There's a man named Columbia on Palm or Eagle Beach who's a greater teacher and very laid back. Anyways, I probably won't be going for some time as I'm going to Spain and Portugal this March, my parents are going though while I'm in Europe.

    As for snorkeling Borek, the best place I can think of is in Boca Catalina, unless you want to go on the Jolly Pirates and get very drunk and snorkel at the Antilles (a sunken ship).

    Have you seen progress on the Ritz Carleton? The last time I went (In July) there was only foundation.
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  12. Mar 25, 2011 #11
    Tomorrow's the day. I will have an android tablet and wifi connection, but it's a pain to use so I may not be as active during the following week as I usually am. Hope to see you down there, I'll be the one with the fabulous tan.
  13. Mar 25, 2011 #12
    I'm the masseuse... I vill not be gentle!!! :wink: DEEP tissue vork fur sie PF Gemeinschaft!
  14. Mar 25, 2011 #13
    I know you're at the Surf Club but ave you ever been to Arashi? The beach is beautiful and on some days the waves are fairly large, have an awesome time, my folks just got back yesterday.
  15. Mar 25, 2011 #14
    Why not just wear a mask, flippers, and a snorkel while sunbathing? :biggrin:
  16. Mar 26, 2011 #15


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    They leave white stripes.
  17. Mar 26, 2011 #16
  18. Mar 26, 2011 #17
    So... I checked in to the hotel today and went to the beach... Where is everybody?? Are you all avoiding me??? :biggrin:
  19. Mar 27, 2011 #18
    Must be the bright green speedo's your wearing.
  20. Mar 27, 2011 #19
    I don't care if MM is Adonis.... I just threw up a little there. :yuck:
  21. Mar 27, 2011 #20
    Major pollution. Ocean is turquois. Skin turning brown. Gotta duck out of sight, micromass is looking this way.
  22. Mar 27, 2011 #21
    ...grabs a Balashi Beer and hides behind the potted plant...
  23. Mar 27, 2011 #22
    *Smokes a bone and notices the funky trees*
  24. Mar 27, 2011 #23
    Balashi may not be the beer of choice but I'm not sure what else they have. The funky tree is a Divi tree, I want to be there so badly! How's progress on the Ritz nismar?
  25. Mar 28, 2011 #24
    Heh... they called me a bum and strapped me to the Divi tree, and pelted me with pink sand.

    Then I woke up. :wink:
  26. Mar 28, 2011 #25


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    Spent 10 days there last summer, July I believe, because we got an unbelieveable deal for airfair and hotel, 10 days at the Marriot Solaris, 800$ per person, the deal was on Kayak.com for one day in Jan-Feb of 2010, we must have lucked out and booked it. Took kite surfng lessons, went on a catamaran tour, did the jeep tour, jet skiing, the women went tubing behind boats, shopped till we dropped downtown in addition to lounging at the beach and hotel pool. The most relaxing vacation I can remember ever. With fellow PF'ers, God only knows, especially with the characters I have come to know and (somewhat, hehe) grow a bit fond of. With Jimmy, Greg and company one thing is for sure, it would be a hoot.

    Rhody... :devil:

    Edit: P.S. Here is a http://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-photos/auaar-aruba-marriott-resort-and-stellaris-casino/" [Broken] where we stayed: Marriot Solaris, checkout the Photo Gallery
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