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7-13-17 noob

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    I can't find where to post a new question, but other than that, I'm a regular person with an extremely inquiring mind that didn't learn physics or anything like it in any of my schooling [13 grammar schools, 2 high schools, 1 college]

    Thanks for the forum and I hope to find the 'post a new thread here' place soon. lol
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    Welcome to the PF.:smile:

    To learn how to post, click through INFO, Help/How-To at the top right of the page.

    Homework/schoolwork questions go in the Homework Help forums where you will be provided a Template to fill out to help us help you. General Technical questions go in the various technical forums.

    Enjoy! :smile:
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    it's not homework or schoolwork. i figured it was a highschool level question.
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    Yeah, the Mentors are discussing your post. Let's take this to PMs...
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