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7 degree of Freedom car

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    So I am trying to calculate the system responsee if a car is driving 30mph over an uneven road with a bumpb of height 0.05 and a length of 20m between each bump. I have the stiffness matrix, mass matrix etc. However I am unclear about the next step, I think possibly by using the Lagrangien equations of motion but I am not sure


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    you'll likely calculate an ODE with a forcing component... or the transfer function using displacment at two points (more likely).
    But the reason I came to read this is really the "7DOF Car" part... How can you have 7 degrees of freedom? Do you have a DeLorean with a Flux Compensator :)? If it is a "car", I can really only see 2 DOF....
    Please explain...
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    The reason is that you take into account the front and read suspension that is 4, after that the engine, 2 passengers on seats and some luggage in the back, at the moments I have the motion of x (in the vertical condition) and the motion around theta....
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