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7 hours of physics tomorrow

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    straight, from 10-5, i have three physics classes and a lab. not one break. no time for lunch, nothing. 3 out of 4 are in the same building, barely any moving. just sitting and being physics-ized for hours. i want to cry just thinking about it... i'm such an idiot. its going to be horrible. i think this is it guys... i'm about to die... really. ugh
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    Yeah, I have to admit that's not fun.

    I hate doing labs.
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    Oh, labs were always my favorites, at least you can move around and do stuff and not just sit there trying to prop your eyelids open (I don't care how fascinating the subject is, after a few hours, nobody could keep their eyes open sitting through constant lectures).

    Physics-ized :rofl:
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    i hate labs too, i'm really really really really really really dreading it. its a 2 credit hour lab, and my one credit labs sucked hard core, a 2 credit one should be brutal. and its worse, cause the lab is after i've already been bored to tears in lectures. monday, during my third, and final hour of class, i spent most of the time looking around to see if anyone was looking around... i don't understand, i was the only one!! i'm gonna die tomorrow! cry!

    man o man oh sucky sucky man.
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    See perhaps im wierd, but i kinda like labs. Have 6 hours worth of labs to do on thursday.
    I dont think it is fair though that you have no time to relax and eat, thats not on really. Specially as im sure you wont be allowed to eat in a lab...
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    Better havea big thermos of coffe with you :approve:

    Some labs I enjoy some I hate. This week and last has been filled with labs in electronics and messuring technology and boy do they suck:yuck: 10-5 atleast 3 times a week. But we always have lunchbreak betwen 12-1 and 15 minutes break every whole hour.

    Worst I have been through was lectures from 8-15 and than a lab from 15-20. Last hour of the lab I was more or less asleep.
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    Makes me happy I did all my physics labs in high school. HAHAHHAHAHA! SUCKAS! :rofl: :devil:
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    Ughhh I hated my physics labs, three hours of pure hell, they were so boring. I have my 3 hour organic chem lab today and I'm dreading that, it's with the TA that doesn't speak english and those labs are so hard to begin with .
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    Entropy, you are truely evil. :D
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    That's nothing. I listened to eight hours of physics lectures per day all of last week, and it was awesome. There was a row of coffee machines on a table, a pyramid of coffee mugs, and a coffee break every other hour to keep the caffeine addicts from going into withdrawal.

    If you feel apathetic or sleepy, you've already been without coffee for too long. Don't let it happen again - be pre-emptive.

  12. Feb 8, 2006 #11
    sounds fun...better than sitting through 6 hours of psych seminars.
  13. Feb 8, 2006 #12
    Gale if you feel yourself falling asleep, take the pencil out of your hand.
    I feel asleep in a physics lecture once, and had one of those suddenly falling feelings. I jerked awake and the pencil flew out of my hand and hit the girl in front of me in the back of the head.
  14. Feb 8, 2006 #13
    hahahahahaha, you know whats sad trib? is i do that A LOT. i can be daydreaming and tapping my pencil, and suddenly, *WHOOSH* it goes flying across the room. its especially bad in labs for some reason...

    at any rate, i made it guys. don't worry! for some reason though, last night i was up till 4am, and now i'm dead tired, but i have some community service workshop thingy i wanted to go to so i could volunteer to work with kids or something. after that. its bed time for me!
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