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7-Segment and multisim

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    This is a counter circuit done in multisim 8 the digits appear on a 7-segment the circuit is working but i can't figure out why each number disappear in the 7-segment before showing the new one and why on each transition the 7-segment shows the prior number of the number being displayed.
    please rename the file 7-seg_2.zip to 7-seg.z01
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    I was a little reluctant to open your ZIP files. Can you post a JPG or GIF instead. Also, is your counter design fully synchronous?
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    7-segment display on Multisim

    have u always had the pic of a 7 segment display on Multisim?
    can u post it to me pls?
    Also, if you have the multisim file it would be gr8te, as i can't open the other zip file even if i rename it.
    thank you in advance
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    Do you mean pic as in programmable IC or as in picture ?
    I'm very sorry but that was an old circuit so I deleted the file.
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