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7 x 7 = 49?

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    Is the value of this expression 49? The andwers in my book say that it should be 9!
    (2 + 5)2
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    Unless your book has a different meaning for it, 7x7 will be 49.
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    5 + 22, on the other hand...
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    Thanks guys. It's laid out exactly as I have written it so I doubt it's meant to be 5 + 2^2.
    Thanks again
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    If the plus sign were a minus sign, you'd get (-3)2=9. Could be a typo or a sign mistake somewhere along the way.
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    Or the book forgot to add the 4...
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    I cannot imagine an answer that is much more INcorrect for this than [tex] 9![/tex].
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    Thanks a lot everyone. I wouldn't be the 1st time that a typo had appeared in this book that I'm using. I think that is what has happened. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing somthing as I am teaching myself maths via books and internet.
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