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8 nobel laureates and now this

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    8 nobel laureates and now this....


    And to think I graduated from here not even a year ago; I used to be proud of this school and the physics history it had but now it just feels overwhelmingly embarrassing to even say I went here.. It scares me just how messed up kids can be even in a school that I thought was a safe haven from things like this, at least when I was there. Lately the school has been getting nothing but bad reputation and it might be because the entrance exam cutoff score is constantly being lowered and more and more messed up kids are being let in. How people can be so cruel and disgusting is just beyond me :frown:
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    The school prinicipal is concerned about suspending the track team temporarily? That's so trivial compared to what has happened. Unbelievable where some people's priorities lie.
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    She's such a bad principal you can't even believe. On graduation day people were chanting her name in infamy lol.
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