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80 other reported cases of fetus-in-fetu

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    OK, I really hate to loose the nice story I just wrote and having to rewrite it.. Greg really has to do something about that

    In short: there was this guy that carried his twin sibling around in his belly for 36 years without ever knowing it until a surgeon opened him up to releave him from his 2-3 times 9 mo. pregnancy sized belly. Apparently the unborn fetus was a parasite and had been growing along with the adult as he grew

    There are about 80 other reported cases of fetus-in-fetu :S
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    Try copying your entire post just before hitting the submit reply button. If anything goes wrong, you can just paste your post again.

    Woah! Was his sibling conscious?
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    It might have been if it wasn't calcified and headless. It had 26 pounds of hair, though. I don't really want to think about where.
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    Yes, it didn't have a well formed head but it did have a lot of hear and was quite big so it should have been alive for a long time I guess .

    I had never heard of anything like this before, as I understand it the other fetus had actually implantated itself in the other person? Since it had its own sack with fluid and was able to grow.. anyone an idea at what point in the development of the fetus the window is for this to occur?

    Just today I saw a documentary of a siamese twin which was one up to the shoulder but had two heads but seemed healthy otherwise.. I didn't see the beginning and I wonder how they experience sharing two brains with one body?
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    Hmm, I don't suppose you have an on-line reference, do you?
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    the technical term is called "Fetus in Fetu." normally the "parasite" child attaches itself to an artery but rarely does it actually form a face or brain. it does however, in some cases, form legs, arms, teeth and hair. here are some pictures:
    http://www.ijri.org/articles/archives/2003-13-1/obstetric_93.htm [Broken]
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