8000 word dissertation on a physics topic

  1. I am trying to think of a subject on which to write an 8000 word dissertation on a physics topic of my choice.

    I was wondering if you had any ideas which i could follow up.

    It can be contempary physics to historical

    From Super String Theory to Ether and other interpretations of the universe.

    Would like your thoughts :smile:
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    OK, so this comment applies not only to this, but also to all those who wish to ask for what to write, what do to, what to study, what to read, etc...etc.

    1. You need to clarify at what LEVEL of physics you are at (be as EXPLICIT as possible. Don't just say "Physics Level 24K-LLBean"). It makes no sense to suggest that you write about something which goes completely way over your head, or something in which you are not well-equiped to handle.

    2. You should also tell us what interest you the most. Presumably, this is something that you are also good at, or have read or understood the most. Chances are, you would be more inclined to write (and write well) about something you are interested in, rather than something that you do not.

    3. Be very specific on what criteria, guidelines, rules, etc. that comes with the assignment or whatever it is that you have to do. It is useless to suggest something that does not fall within whatever requirements that the assignment or project stated.

  4. Well, the level of physics can range from betwenn Advanced A-Level to second year undergraduate.

    The Topic can be absolutly anything that u can theink of thats that is related to physics

    Although my interests include, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Cosmology.
  5. A topic that combines all three of your interests would be "The origin of time asymmetry in contemporary physics". Although this is pretty vague, you could find out about all the different proposed "arrows of time", some of which have to do with cosmology, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics.

    Another topic which ties two of your interests would be "Connections between quantum entanglement and thermodynamics". I can send you a few references on this if you are interested.

    If you decide to do anything on the foundations of quantum mechanics or quantum information and computation, then I would be happy to give you some pointers to references.
  6. The physics and significance of avoided crossings in energy spectra. That should keep you busy.
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