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  1. Hi,
    I have just started with learning about 8051 microcontrollers. Does anyone know some web site where I could find examples of written applications?
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  3. That 8051 is a beautiful machine!

    For applications you should be able to just type something into Google, like "8051 Code Examples", or "8051 Applications", etc. There are tons of sites out there with code for the 8051 MCU. It's a very popular microcontroller.

    Just for the record New Micros sells a really nice single board 8051 complete with 32k RAM and a ROM monitor for only $39.00. It's called the NMIY-0031. It is expandable to 128K of ram by just plugging in chips. The sockets come already on the original board. Even the ROM monitor is socketed in case you want to replace it with your own PROM.

    I have three of these boards. :approve:

    I would also recommend the green book, "The 8051 Microcontroller, Architecture, Programming, & Applications." It's kind of expensive at $65 at Amazon.com, but you might be able to pick up a cheaper copy at a used book store. I think I paid about $3 for mine. :wink: There are also a ton of other books on the 8051.

    By the way, that New Micros board comes with four different languages on disk, C, Basic, Forth, and Assembly. Athough I personally only work in assembly code. It also connects to the serial port of a PC real easy.

    May I ask what you are planing on using the microcontroller for? I'm using mine for robotics designs. Although I haven't been working on them all summer because of other projects. :yuck:
  4. We learn it at processor systems in telecommunications. It seems interesting so I would like to get some more resources to learn.
  5. Learning how to program a microprocessor at the instruction level (i.e. In assembly language) is an extremely good experience for anyone. It really brings home the concepts of digital logic and binary arithmetic. Not to mention the fact that it teaches the fundamentals that all computers runs on.

    I highly recommend that New Micros board because of the price and the fact that it's basically ready to go. The very best way to learn these things is to actually work with them. You'll need a 5 volt power supply to run it. An old computer powersupply works perfect. You can pick them up for free if you look around a bit. The only other thing you need is a serial cable to connect to your PC. It only requires two wires so I built my own cable using old connectors from junk computers.

    The other really popular MCU is the Motorolla 68HC series. Typically they cost quite a bit more to get started with unless you are into building your own board. The 8051 is actually more user friendly to get started with and they both have their pluses and minuses.

    There are also a lot of simulators that you can run on a PC that will simulate the operation of the 8051. They're not quite as fun as working with the real hardware though. :smile:

    You can find simulators by the dozen by just typing "8051 Simulator" into Google.

    Here's just one of many,...

  6. How do PIC controllers compare with these? For ease and price?
  7. PIC controllers are much simpler (and cheaper) than a device like an 8051, but PICs are also much more limited in what they can do.
  8. niko2000

    I also just start to learn C Programming with 8051.
    I use P89V51RD2 from Philips.
    And I program with SDCC Gnu free C Compiler.
    If you are interested in, please visit my homepage:


    I have free source code for download
  9. hi 2 ALL.....this is satya from Jaipur, India. I am working with a well known IT company in Jaipur. I have 1 year of experience and I am here to explore something and increase our experience.

    8051 projects
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