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$80m lawsuit over LENR

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    What's the Cliff's Notes version? :smile: It's a patent infringement lawsuit?
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    Well, at least Rossi knows his way around a courtroom, after the fraud conviction and everything.
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    Apologies for just posting the link above.

    This law suit is interesting because it refers to details of Rossi's 12 month long "Guaranteed Performance Test" that were previously unknown and the large sums of money involved. This test was performed on Rossi's "E-Cat" reactor generally thought to be LENR based (or a least amounting to claim to be LENR based). The law suit claims that Industrial Heat paid Rossi around $10m for their license of Rossi's IP and that a further $89m was conditional on this test being successful (and perhaps other unspecified conditions).

    One of the claims made is that “Industrial Heat and/or IPH engaged and paid two of their representatives, Mr. Barry West and Mr. Fulvio Fabiani, to monitor, maintain, take part in, and report on the operation of the E-Cat unit being tested.” Mr. Fulvio Fabiani has previously been referred to as "Rossi's right hand man".

    Despite the apparent lack of a truly independent validation of Rossi's IP this doesn't appear to have stopped others investing in Industrial Heat. Rossi claims in para 70 that some $50m was raised by Industrial Heat from a well respected investment fund (Woodford Funds).
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