8d cross vector product,



8d cross vector product,URGENT

i wonder what will be the 8-dimensional cross vector product or


i need the answer real bad,so please answer if you can.
if you happen to have the mathlab program it might answer cause it does all the calculus with arrays or matrixes(at least that's what some say).


it's ok i have the answer!!!

I have the answer people!!

i define two vectors a and b with dimensionality k. also i define nk as the unit vector of dimension k.

then the cross product is as such:

a x b = (a1*b1*n1 + a1*b2*n2 + ... + a1*bk*nk) +
(a2*b1*n1 + a2*b2*n2 + ... + a2*bk*nk) +
... +
(ak*b1*n1 + ak*b2*n2 + ... ak*bk*nk)

good work A?

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