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8th star treck movie

  1. Aug 11, 2010 #1
    Just watch the 8th star treck movie,and at the beggining a champagne bottle smashes into the side of a newly made neterprise.

    what im wondering is,as its in a vacuum would the pressure inside the bottle pop the cork out,or is the cork in tightly enough that it wouldnt pop? (lets say the little metal holder has been taken off first)
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    Re: Champagne

    The force holding a cork in a bottle is the difference between the pressure outside the bottle and the air pressure intside, times the area of the cork, plus the friction force of cork against bottle. If you remove all air pressure outside (vacuum) you subtract that force but the inside force does not become infinite. It might still be less than the friction force of cork agains bottle. If fact, the fact that champagne bubbles fiercely after the cork has been removed implies that air pressure plays a very small part in that equation. It is really the friction of cork against bottle that holds the cork in place to begin with, not air pressure.
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    Re: Champagne

    If the champagne has been cooled to outerspace temperature, then I don't think so. (Ideal Gas Law approximation)
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    Re: Champagne

    Don't real bottles wire in the cork now, so it doesn't pop in ordinary air?
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    Re: Champagne

    as i mentioned,for the sake of the idea,we would remove the wire holder!
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    Re: Champagne

    why would the bubbles imply that air pressure was not a major factor?
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