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News 9/11 conspiracy theories- Right or wrong ?

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    We all know about 9/11 conspiracy theories. How some suggest that there was a controlled demolition at WTC, what happened to Building 7, and other topics.

    When you try to deal with a conspiracy theory, (whether you're for or against), you DO NOT assume things.

    For example, you don't rebuke a conspiracy theory just because you think the government would never participate in the killing of its people. And you don't assume that the government is evil, so the conspiracies must be true.

    You have to ask questions and try to find logical answers.

    For example, I got some questions about 9/11. What happened to the black boxes?There should be at least 2 black-boxes per plane. If the investigators were able to find bones sample, how can they not find boxes of bright orange color and able to withstand 3400 g for 6.5 milliseconds ?

    I also got other questions about 9/11. Now I don't neglect the fact that they were planes and so on. When I read that Ahmedinadjad wants the UN to launch an investigation. And I totally understand why. I am sorry but I can't trust a single word the US says anymore, especially with all the wrong things that the gov. is doing. Why is is so important to know who was involved in it ? Well because millions of lives are affected by that event.
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