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90° motion transmission

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    I need to transmit motion at a 90° angle, I was considering worm gears or bevelled gears, but then I thought about a flexible drive shaft, it would be cheaper and wouldn't have any backslash issues. I need to transmit motion at a 90° angle with a low toque and low RPM, the application is a simple and precise multiple rails positioning system for a few lasers.
    Do you think I could use a flexible drive shaft for my application? Would it be harder to turn, compared to a geared solution? Would I have any disadvantages?
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    I think those things do not transmit motion with good efficiency.
    InputMotion ≠ OutputMotion.
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    I once saw a 90* motion transfer mechanism that had been used in lineshaft systems. It's input shaft drove a reciprocating arm via a ball joint which, in turn, caused a central shaft to oscillate. This oscillating motion was imparted to a second reciprocating arm which drove the output shaft. The neat thing about it, I thought, was that both shafts turned in the same direction. The mechanism was enclosed in a cast iron box and ran in oil. of course, lineshafts went out of style a century ago, but some sharp engineers worked on them and invented some pretty inpressive technology. I don't know where you'd find info or pix of this; nobody anymore is much interested in outdated technology except oddballs like me!

    Rick A
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