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90 ton impact absorber

  1. Mar 8, 2013 #1
    Hi everyone

    I have been working with materials that can absorb huge impacts.

    I have recently succesfully created a system that can absorb 4 tons of
    force acting against it. With a little work around this I can largly increase
    force absorbing capabilities to 90 tons without major reconstruction and
    weight increase to the system.

    The concept of this system is very basic:

    The system has 300 units that can each withstand 300kg's of force.
    It operates on only 2 units at a time so once both units become
    exausted impact is tranfered to the next 2 units and so on.

    My question is... can this help assist with crash safety technology?
    Perhaps it could be incorperated into the crumble zone of a car, it does
    not weigh much. The fact that there is many units could mean that impact time is
    increased and therefor deceleration is gradual.

    Your thoughts and opinions will be grealy appriciated
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    What are it's dimensions?
  4. Mar 8, 2013 #3
    width can be anything

    height = approx. 80mm

    length = approx. 600mm
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    kg and tons are not units of force, and if you have any force for an extended period of time (there is no time given at all here?), putting several shock absorbers in series won't help: They all get the full force.

    That zone does exactly what you describe.
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