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News 9000 U.S. Troops Dead?

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    http://baltimore.indymedia.org/newswire/display/10554 [Broken]
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    After reading the article this was taken from, I am more then skeptical. If he ever provides proof of his details, I would give it a second look, maybe.

    He{Brian Harring, Domestic Intelligence Reporter}claims 5,000+ US soldgers have gone awol to Ireland? Don't you think the Irish would of noticed?
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    That would be a pretty big thing to cover up. There are a number of journalists, non-corporate news sources, and organizations who wouldn't hesitate to cover a story like this, if it was real.
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    Thanks, reading his link was enough to dismiss it as wild speculation, but nice to know more about the source.
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    The DOD releases the names of those killed.

    There are also a number of sites with detailed information.


    http://icasualties.org/oif/Details.aspx [Broken]

    If over 7,000 name have been omitted from the lists, there would be several times that number (family, friends, associates) raising hell about it.
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    Yes, it was too much of a cover up to be believable. It sounded plausible because I can see the DoD saying those "killed in Iraq" are literally those KIA in Iraq. It wouldn't be the first time some twist of words are used to change numbers.
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    oh that is hilarious. us marines/army going awol and to ireland?

    ahahahahahaha. oh wow only someone who never been to united states could write such crappy propaganda.
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    It's far easier to make billions of dollars disappear without anyone caring.
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    Sad, but true.
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    They are certainly not here in Ireland :rofl: . If they were they would nearly outnumber our own armed forces of 8500. Unless of course they are all cunningly disguised as sheep!!! :biggrin:
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    are there enough pubs in ireland to even support 5000 US soldiers? :smile:
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    Since the government here banned smoking in pubs they'd have the pubs practically to themselves. :biggrin:
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    Through an amazing act of restraint, I have managed to prevent myself from making a comment on the above that would probably have had me banned forever. :yuck:
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