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95% of Native Americans traced to six women

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    I found this to be interesting:

    And this to be a bit of a surprise:

    http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/science/03/13/native.dna.ap/index.html [Broken]
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    You might find it interesting to hear of another such theory. There is a prevalent theory even now that states that one person is connected to everyone else in the world through a chain of six links. That means that every person in the world can be connected to you through six people that you have come in contact with. For instance, your mother can connect you to a large family as well as all the people she went to high school with and college and anyone who has been near her when she went shopping and those people who have been near her and the people at her office. That is one person who connects to tons of others. Another person can be the waitress at the restaurant you visited a year ago. She could have been born in India....well, I think you might be seeing the picture. This theory is called Six Degrees of Separation.
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    ...to Kevin Bacon! :P
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    That's exactly what you would expect. A large diverse population in Asia, a small subset migrates, a significant proportion die - or at lelast don't have any female children (presumably the study was done with mDNA) and all the descendants are from the 6 whose female children survived.
    Remember these 6 weren't necessarily together, there could have been many different tribes that crossed but only 6 ended up having at least some female children who have always had at least some female children ever since.
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