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A 350 pound masking tape ball, no really

  1. Sep 22, 2004 #1
    I work at an office where we have this 350 pound tape ball that is nearly 10 years of high adhesive masking tape collected from the printers that we use. It is a little oblong and we need to even it out as much as possible by october. There are also creases in it from a base that we keep it on to roll it around easily. I am not a student of physics but I think that I could utilize some simple dynamics to achieve our goal of a perfectly spherical ball by october. I am worried that the ball might be too elastic to change its shape permanently. If I can get any help on this problem I would be more than appreciative.

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    .......Holly crap, just be damm sure no one is in its way when that thing goes rolling down the isle and smashes into a cubicle! No one wants to be remember as the guy who died from being run over by a 350lb ball of tape!
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