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A bad joke or over my head?

  1. Feb 1, 2013 #1
    Just happened to see this joke in the news paper (tabloid) today. Weather has gone from +10 to -23 (windchill) in a matter of two days.

    That said, do dogs lay eggs when it's cold out. :rolleyes: (there is no news/politics context that I know of)

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    Yes. :approve: Dogs do lay eggs sometimes. However, it is extremely difficult to locate a dog's eggs and many people have taken a hobby of spotting dog's eggs.
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    That's just a bad joke.
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    The joke was over your head. They're trying to allude to the fact that the dogs are so confused they don't even know if they're a dog or some egg-laying vertebrate.

    Like Drakkith said, probably not the best joke ever.
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    Apparently confusing weather causes your mind to be confused about other things non-weather related, like what species you are.

    It's a bad joke, not over your head. You just tried to think about it in a direction it wasn't going, like I did. I thought there was a relation between winter and egg-laying, since there's a common belief that there's a relation between summer and shedding. Also, it sort of implies that the dog equivalent to laying eggs is shedding fur.

    I don't think I'm smart at all, but "over my head" usually implies, at least to me, something is too smart or clever, but in this case I think it was too dumb.
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    Now that that's settled, here's another one. What country is being referred to here?

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    I think you're right Mech_Engineer. That also seems to be the consensus here at work, to interpret it literally...weather makes animals "dumb" so the animals said/thought something "dumb".

    I was making my own bad joke with the "Do dogs lay eggs in the winter?" question, to LerroyJenkins point about the "logic" with that interpretation, the joke implies it's the case as the "wacky" weather was a temperature variance.

    The joke was so not funny to me I had to assume I was missing something.

    This "news" paper (tabloid) is about a grade 10 reading level, editorial maybe grade 12...maybe. It just throws me for a loop when they include a grade level 2 joke in the editorial.

    Drakkith rightly said it was a BAD joke.
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    It reminded me of this one.
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    The dogs are cute though.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It is a little known fact that dogs do lay eggs. But they usually eat them which is why this often goes unnoticed.

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    Forgot to mention the author of the comic is Susan Dewar. She won the "top prize" in Political Cartooning Division of the National Business Writing Awards-1987. Pretty remarkably to make a career out of cartooning. particularly in this day
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    I noticed my dog eats less when the weather is colder, now I know why! :rofl:
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    That poor dog was fast asleep!

    Nothing like a pet to bring out the silly in an owner :biggrin:.
  15. Feb 4, 2013 #14

    The dogs are shaped like penguins. The weather has confused them so much they aren't sure whether they are dogs or penguins.

    Not very funny.
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