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Homework Help: A ball is thrown

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    A ball is thrown horizontally from the top of a building and lands a distance d from the foot of the building after having been in the air for a time T and encountering no significant air resistance.

    If the building were twice as tall, the ball would have

    a) landed a distance 2d from the foot of the building
    b) been in the air a time 2T
    c) been in the air a time T squareroot2
    d) reached the ground with twice the speed it did from the shorter building

    x=x0 + v0xt + 1/2at^2
    vx = v0xt +axt
    and vx^2 = V0x^2 +2a (xf - xi)

    Are, I think, the right equations. I don't know what to do though :(
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    D'oh, it was C. Thanks anyways :)
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    Note that the other three are equivalent: if the ball is in the air for a time 2T and the horizontal velocity does not change (no resistance) it will land at a distance 2d and since the velocity is v = a T it would also go twice as fast. So if any of these were true, then the other three would be true as well. Only b and c are clearly contradictory, so you just had to decide which one of them was true :smile:
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