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A basic electrical question, but i can't work it out.

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    Say i have a DC battery, in parallel with a constant current source, and a resistor in parallel too.

    I want to find the power dissipation in the resistor.

    Do i consider that there are 2 current components superimposed, one from the voltage source
    (I = v/r) and one from the current source, and then use I^2 *R?

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    if everything is in parallel, no matter what you put, the voltage in the parallel is given by the voltage of the dc battery so the current in the resistor is V/R.
    In real word however, each battery has an internal resistor in series and a current generator has a resistor in parallel, so you should consider it.
    In this case you can use the Millman´s Theorem, very easy.
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