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A basic question of main in java

  1. Nov 14, 2004 #1
    As a very beginner to java a very basic question is in mind.in every java program we write the first line after mentioning the name of the class as


    public static void main(String[] args)


    so i want to know the importance of this line and each component in this line because i am not getting to it.
    i will be very thankful for urs help.
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    Main is the function from which program execution stars.void implies that the function doesnt return a value.The rest you can put off until later.public(after learning classes)statis(types of variables)
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    Since you're beginning, you may not understand the significance of the "public static," but the String[] args may be useful to know. Those are some arugments to control how your program works.

    Say you have a class "Circle." that looks something like this:

    Upon calling your program, you'd need to tell the program what color you wanted. You would, for example, call "Circle blue," and it would draw a blue circle.
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    It is method main() that makes a Java class runnable. You cannot run other Java classes that don't contain this method. The compiler will give a NoSuchMethodException.
    A different case is with applets, where you don't have to declare main(). Execution starts with method init(), if any, or with paint().
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