A bearing of 070 degrees

  1. I have to answer a question which states:
    "a ship sails on a bearing of 070 degrees for 120 km. Draw a diagram to show this".
    Does this mean 70 degrees from the horizontal, so that I would measure 070 degrees by placing my protractor down flat and level in front of me?
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  3. Borek

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    North is zero.
  4. Thanks Borek
    So just to clarify, "on a bearing of 070 degrees for 120 km" means 70 degrees from the vertical line (heading north), or 20 degrees from the horizontal line (heading east). Is that right?
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    I am not a licensed navigator, so I can be wrong :smile: but that's my take.
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    Yes, it is standard usage to put "North" upward on a map so a "bearing of 70 degrees" would be 70 degrees from a vertical (upward) line which is the same as 90- 70= 20 degrees from a horizontal (to the right) line. That could also be referred to as "East, 20 degrees North".
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