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A beautiful grounding

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    I designed and built a portable wash and work station for my friend who is in the beatifcation business. its a four foot long folding table with folding metal legs and has a small wash basin and one 120 volt GFI outlet that is pluged into the house power source. My quest is to ground this unit when often there is no ground available in 50% of the places she would take it?...I think what I`m looking for is a portable grounding that can be used. conventional wisdom is to run a wire and clamp to water line,but in this case thats not always an option. So is there a safe and sound way to ground this unit?
    Any input wiil be greatly appreciated......Bri-p
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    The safe and sound method would be to remove the convenience GFCI protected receptacle from the table. Use a UL listed extension cord or other UL listed device having GFCI protection. This will not improve the overall safety considerations but limits personal liability.

    A GFCI does not require a grounding conductor to function properly.

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    Geniere, thanks so much for interest and your right, but Osha states that a GFI without a ground is not safe and there lies the problem as my friend who would use this unit has a licence and is reqiuerd to meet their standards of safety.
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    This is really a legal issue rather than a technical issue. I can think of several means to greatly reduce the shock risk to your friend and the customer. I can think of nothing that would satisfy the many, sometimes conflicting, regulations that exist. In truth I have only a rudimentary knowledge of hte NEC and almost no knowledge of OSHA standards. There may be some relief found in "tempory wiring" as specified by the NEC.

    I'm at a loss except to suggest battery powered devices.

    Ain't bureaucracy wonderful?

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    Thanks Geniere and I wiil keep looking for differnt sulutions within the NEC and maybe I will try and talk to somone at OSHA.
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