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A Beautiful Mind

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    I know, I'm years behind the rest of the world, but I just saw this for the first time. I've been wondering what the problem is he writes on the board that Jennifer Connelly tries to solve.
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    Sorry, I've never seen the movie, but someone told me I needed to watch it!
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    I want to know what the math problem in Good will hunting that the main character solves is.
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    1) the adjacency matrix A
    2) the matrix giving the number of three step walks
    3) the generation function for walks from i -> j
    4) the generation function for walks from 1 -> 3
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    Okay you're going to have to explain that in (just a few) more words....
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    I`d like to be able to help but my maths knowledge is very poor!:grumpy:
    I know what the question is, as i asked myself the same question you did? but i don`t know how to solve it:confused:
    try this for some more info

    oh and it is solvable the film got it wrong.
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