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Homework Help: A bit of help

  1. Jan 16, 2006 #1
    The excited K* meson has a rest mass of 1.5828E-27 kg/
    a What is the rest amss energy in joules?
    b What is this energy in MeVs?
    here's where i need help
    c Now these K* are accelerated to a speed of 2.97E8 m/sec. What is the relatavistic mass of these K* in kg and MeV/c squared
    so far i have 1.5828E-27/radical(1-.99csquared)=1.12E-26
    do I convert into MeV's and divide by 3E8squared?
    so 6282/3E8squared
    =6.98E-14 MeV/c squared
    d What is the relatavistic momentum of these K* in kgm/sec and in MeV/c?
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