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A black hole

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    Help me out here. I have trouble understanding the concept of a stable wormhole formed by having a blackhole on one end, and a "white hole" made of exotic matter at the other end, forming a topological donut linking two regions of sapce. that all sounds great, but a blacj hole is a misnomer rigth? t's not a hole, and it's still just the massive remains of a collapsed star with a DEEEEP gravitational well. So, when it is theorsed w.r.t to a wormhole, what exactly is happening. There is no "hole" to go through...right?


    Thanks in advance.:confused:
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    There is a stable wormhole solution the the Einstein Field Equations (search here for "wormhole metric") but is unlikely that such a thing exists because, as you say, it would require exotic matter.

    However, even of it could exist, this stable wormhole solution is not formed from a black hole so you're right to be skeptical of that part of whatever you've been reading.
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