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A book for making a phone !

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    Hey guys ! I have just completed my high school ! Not in college till now , having a drop year !
    So , I wanted to make a phone or a mp3 music player! Is there any book specially on this topic ?
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    They sound like fun projects, but they are not really practical.

    Both require parts that would be hard to find. They would also cost a lot more to make than the commercial versions, even if you could get the parts.

    Even if you did make a phone, it would be illegal in most countries to connect it to the telephone network without getting it approved, and this is very expensive.

    You can buy MP3 players for a few dollars on Ebay and these have LCD displays and good sound. I have one that holds 4 GB of songs. It plays video. It works as an FM radio. And it cost about $10. How could you compete with that?

    Better projects that you will be able to use in the future would be a variable voltage, regulated power supply or a radio frequency signal generator or an audio frequency signal generator.

    First, though, you need to buy a digital multimeter.
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