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A book on brushless motors

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    So here is the thing.

    I was searching the internet for information about brushless motors. Everywhere I went, they had mixed statements about it. Long threads about which is it, is it controlled by AC or DC or what have you.

    I am interested in book, that is covering this subject in depth. I am focusing mainly on 3-phase brushless motors, like the ones found in old floppies. And if I'm confused if it is or isn't 3-phase, I want to learn what it actually is.

    Please suggest me a book on this subject.

    Thank you.
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    jim hardy

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    Thank you. I did like it. But it introduced a few concepts that scared me a bit. Reluctance torque etc. But, the operation of brushless motor is explained very well. I will try and build this electronic speed controller for 3 phase brushless motors.
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    jim hardy

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    scared me too. I will no longer be able to fix wife's washing machine when it's built around computer controlled multiphase motors.

    old jim
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    hahaha yes, well it certainly won't make my life easier either :D
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