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I A brief history of QCD

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    Archeology and evolution of QCD
    a ""few of the points which........illustrate well the QCD evolution (in time), both from a scientific and a sociological point of view.'

    I felt much of that energy expressed in that paper because as an undergrad and grad student, I rented part of the house owned by one of the West Coast participants in that story. Though I never was invited to join the working dinners inside, after the meetings broke, the participants spilled into the patio where I was lounging about sipping wine. It was there that I met Feynman, Heisenberg, Gell-Mann, Ting and others. Heisenberg waxed metaphysical and asked me, "Nun, und warum sind Sie hier?"

    The paper does a nifty job of conveying the excitement of the times, in my humble opinion.
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