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A BSc by correspondance

  1. Oct 5, 2007 #1
    I have been working in the IT field for over 6 years. I am very interested in mathematics and physics. Since I have a fulltime job and a family, it is not feasible for me to return to school at this stage in my life. Is it possible to complete a BSc in mathematics or physics through correspondance courses? Are there any repectable institutions out there that offer mathematics or physics courses through correspondance at the bachelors level?
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    I'm not sure if there are... however, even in math, I think it would be tough to get a degree without taking some lab courses. That might be tough to do from afar ;)

    Good luck though! I think some California school offers Masters degrees in engineering all from online courses... so I suppose it might be possible.
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    I don't know which country you are in, but it is definitely possible to study long distance in the UK-- the Open University is a very reputable university-- however in other countries I'm not sure: I can't see why not though!
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    For Mathematics, maybe. For Physics or Engineering, anything that does not include laboratory exercises would be of dubious value. They must not be restricted to doing just "bookwork". Where is the direct interaction (NOT virtual) with other students and instructors? Can you set-up an instrument and conduct essentially continuous adjustments on levers and knobs and handle parts of instruments and hardware items by making only computer selections over the internet? Physics requires a LABORATORY for its study. Notice the root of the word, LABOR.
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    Institutions that offer Math courses by correspondance?

    I thought the topic I started would have created a greater level of interest and much more replies. I live in canada, unfortunately Open university UK does not offer correspondance courses in Canada. Other than Open university UK are there any other institutions out there that offer math courses by correspondance? The only other one I know is UNISA.
  7. Sep 16, 2011 #6
    Re: Institutions that offer Math courses by correspondance?

    University of London offers B.Sc and Graduate diploma in mathematics all online.
    Do you have any experience with UNISA? I like to know more about UNISA.
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