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A building 800 m. high

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    "The construction of what will be the world's tallest building is set to begin in Dubai, United Arab Emirates"

    "The Burj Dubai tower will stand 800 metres tall - just 5 metres shy of half a mile - once completed in 2008. That will be a full 350 metres taller that the tallest floored in the world today, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur."

    This fever for constructing high buildings have always struck me. I can't see any motivation for it, other than the childish "I have a building than is tallest than yours, :tongue2: "
    I'm also curious about how long can be the duration of the lift travel to go from the floor to the top
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    I have no idea why the prince suddenly wants all these big projects. Maybe he realizes his oil is running out? Anyway you should see this too. Hmmm :rolleyes: I think I'll take New Zealand. I'm sure an American would buy France and raise the American flag there :rofl:
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    Only to realize he's in the persian gulf, holding an American flag and promptly find himself being shot at, kidnapped, murdered, and otherwise violated.
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