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A.C. Ciruit without current flowing

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    hi there,
    In a.c. circuit, avery half circle, the current changes it direction. If u increase it, the changing rate is faster. So, this come to my mind, can u stop teh current from flowing by using very very very high frequency? That is the changing of direction of flow of electron is too rapid that it wont move at all.
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    As you approach high frequencies the length of the conductor is a factor and at very high frequencies the conductor must be designed to fit the frequency. When the frequency gets so high that you can't move power by shaking electrons, you use alternative conducting methods. Waveguides; glass fiber, radiation through space, etc.

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    Well, actually my question is will there be no current at all when the frequency is so high? From what u had said, does that imply that this can be happen?

    Btw, how energy is transfered from the power generator far away to our house? i need some explanation on how the energy is carried out by the electrons.

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