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A/C unit selection.

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    how to select split a/c units for agiven area?
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    Generaly you need to do a heat load estimation do find out the capacty you need and the air flow rate.
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    Wow, how did I miss this thread?

    I use this: http://www.elitesoft.com/
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    russ_watters link seems to do the job prety good.
    i live in Australia so the program that i use is slightly different.

    If you realy keen you can do the calculations yourself.
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    hi russ,
    well,if you remember,i had asked the same question before,and u gave me that site and i got the software and set it up on my pc,but it really need someone to tell you how to do the right selection of ur split unit,and how many BTU's u need to cover ur area,where you are,so
    if you please,would you give us directions with "how to select the split a/c for a given area?"
    lets say:20m^2 is the area,and the country is Egypt,"if you wanna do it for a different country like for ex,where you are,do it,but tell us how to set this with the software",so,what are the steps would you do till you get the required BTU's for the given area?
    i have the residential hvac,"RHVAC"&also the "CHVAC",i got them when you told me about,and never got to use it to select a unit,one more question,
    how can i add Egypt weather condition to that software?
    thanks and hope you help us with using that software,it seems really reliable.
    thanks for the forum.
  7. May 24, 2008 #6
    still waiting ur help russ with the instructions of using the elite software

    thanks for the forum.
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