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A Category-4 hurricane (surprise!) ( again)

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    Is anyone else astonished at this? A 50mb pressure drop in 5 hours!
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    It's now surpassed Hurricane Gilbert as the lowest pressure ever recorded in an Atlantic hurricane:

    884 mb

    Gilbert's previous record was 888mb. In the pacific, Tip reached 870mb in 1979.

    The winds are now at 175mph, gusts to 215.

    http://www.weatherunderground.com/blog/SteveGregory/show.html" is a few minutes behind times, but at least he's awake (bonus points for him).
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    what, are you all asleep
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    Oops, didn't see that. Maybe Evo can merge them? :smile: And the new thread can be called, "the hurricane super-thread" or maybe "the super-hurricane thread". Or perhaps this is an appropriate time to create, "The Superhurricane Super-thread" (with apologies to the HEP folks).
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    Man I wonder how much the land would cost there after a few more of those :grumpy:

    Dont judge me!!
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